Privacy Policy

Below is the Privacy Policy for the Djinn CI platform. Definitions used in the following document can be found in the Terms of Service.

1. What we Collect

Upon signup to Djinn CI, We will collect your email address, and use this to track the resources you use across the Website. Whilst we do request Your payment details, and address information during subscription creation, we do not store this, instead this is passed on to Our payment provider Stripe.

Information that is indirectly collected from You would be Your IP address, and browser user agent. This is information collected via the logging of the incoming web requests to the Djinn CI platform.

Finally, any information that is voluntarily submitted, via support emails, or through build logs, will also be stored.

2. What we Use

We do not sell on any of the information that You provide to Us, either directly, indirectly, or voluntarily. Information will only be revealed to any other third party, should We be required to by law.

We use the information You provide to…

3. Cookies

Cookies are used throughout the Website to track The User’s activity across the Website. These cookies are primarily used to persist login sessions, and store temporary session data about The User’s activity.

4. Namespaces

Djinn CI allows for namespaces to be created as either private, internal, or public. If a namespace is created as being private, then only You control the access to said namespace, along with the builds and resources within. We will only access these private namespaces to ensure that Your usage of the Djinn CI platform is not in violation of the 4. Prohibited Usage section of Our Terms of Service.

Internal namespaces, are namespaces that any registered, and currently logged in User can see. Users that are logged into Djinn CI will be able to see all builds and resources within an internal namespace.

Public namespaces, are namespaces that anyone, registered, or not, can see. Anyone that can access the Website at, will be able to see the builds and resources in a public namespace.

5. Third Party Services

We integrates with the following third party services to provide the Djinn CI platformr

Any and all payment information sent to the Website is not stored in any form. It is instead sent on to Our payment process, Stripe. Refer to the Stripe Privacy Policy, for information on how the payment details You submit, is used by Stripe.

The integration with GitHub, and GitLab are voluntary, and must be explicitly done so by the User.

Aside from the services listed above, no other third-parties are integrated with. We do not use third party tracking services. The only time We would load in remote content from a third party, is when on the Billing page of Your Account settings, when handling Your Subscription, and invoices.

6. Information Disclosure

We may disclose the information you have directly, indirectly, or voluntarily provided to Us to selected third parties, should we…

7. Deletion of Information

Whilst You may delete Your Account via the Website, this will simply make the content You have created via the Djinn CI platform inaccessible to other Users, including Yourself. This will not delete the information that exists in the server. If You wisht to have this permanently erased, then send an email to Some information may exist in backed up copies of data, however this will not be permanent.

8. Communication Preferences

When You create a Djinn CI Account, You agree that We may contact You via the given email address for Your Account. We will contact you if,

Automatic communication with You, via Your email, is also done as part of the Djinn CI platform. Your email will be used to contact you about any activity that occurs on the Website because of your interaction with it. You will be automatically communicated with, via Your email if,

9. Data Access

We give You the right to access, amend, or delete the data that You have directly, indirectly, or voluntarily submitted to the Website. You can act on these rights by contacting Us at

10. Changes

Djinn CI reserves the right to change this policy at any time and for any reason. Any changes made to the privacy policy will be communicated to You by the email You provide with Your Account.

11. Contact

If You have any questions regarding the Terms of Service or Our Privacy Policy then please email